Safe Electric Contractors

All the electricians that work for O’Rourke Electrical are fully registered with safe electric Ireland.

Safe Electric is a government organisation set up to regulate the activities of electrical contractors. Only electrical contractors registered with Safe Electric Contractors can legally work on electrical systems. These regulations ensure consistency throughout the electrical industry in Ireland.

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Safe Electric Contractors FAQ

  • What is the role of Safe Electric?

    The primary role of this organisation includes the registration of electrical contractors. The organisation also consists of the monitoring and auditing of registered electrical contractors.

  • Do all electrical contractors need to register with Safe Electric?

    Yes, it is illegal for a non-registered contractor to work on an electrician system. This system ensures that all electricians working in Ireland are working safely and to the expected standards set by safe electric.

  • Can an individual carry out their electrical work?

    An individual is only legally permitted to carry out the most basic electrical job, such as changing a lightbulb, etc. A registered safe electric electrician must complete any work affecting a property's circuity.