Fuse Board Upgrades

If you have an old fuse board, we can upgrade it to a modern, safe and reliable miniature circuit breaker system, bringing your home in line with modern standards. We are able to carry out a complete assessment of your current fuse board which will allow us to identify whether it requires any maintenance or an upgrade.

Common warning signs indicating you need to upgrade your fuse board include:

  • Fuse board is generating heat or feels warm

  • You notice lights or appliances have begun flickering on and off

  • Strange or smokey smells seem to be coming from your fuse board

A modern and well-maintained fuse board is vital to the safety of your home, as fuse boards work to prevent damage, fires, etc. by tripping when the circuit becomes overloaded or overheated.

We can upgrade your fuse board to bring it in line with modern standards. Contact us for more information.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Fuse Board

  • Improved Safety – a modern miniature circuit breaker system will improve the safety of your home as it is more reliable and easier to maintain.

  • Increased Energy Efficiency – a fuse board upgrade will improve the energy efficiency of your home, saving you money in the long run.