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Smart Heating Controls

At O’Rourke Electrical we are specialists in the installation, maintenance and repair of high-quality smart heating control systems. Using our sophisticated heating control systems, you will be able to easily regulate the heating and cooling of your home, with most functions operating at the touch of a button.

As we are a Safe Electric registered company, all heating control installation, maintenance and repair works are carried out by members of our fully qualified, highly skilled team of electricians. We can guarantee that with a new smart heating control system, your household will be up to the highest industry standards. We provide certification for our work upon completion.

Upgrading your heating controls is now easier than ever. With a smart control systems, you will have full control over the temperature of your home. Smart control systems allow you the freedom to easily manage the heating and cooling of your home and are expertly installed and maintained by O’Rourke Electrical

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Google Nest & Smart Heating

Many smart control systems now have mobile apps and even connect to a smart assistant. Some of the smart assistants we work with include Google Nest, allowing the smart heating controls to integrate with the rest of your smart home network seamlessly. O’Rourke Electrical also provides the installation of smart heating control systems such as HIVE Heating systems, EPH Ember Heating Controls and more. Options can be discussed when contacting us. When installing your new smart heating systems, our electricians will show you how to use your new control system and get the most out of this technology.

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Smart Electric Heaters

Smart Electric Heaters are installed, maintained and repaired by O’Rourke Electrical. These heaters are not only able to be integrated with smart home systems such as Amazon Alexa but are extremely energy efficient. Through the accompanying smartphone app, you are able to keep track of your home’s temperature and heating statistics no matter where you are in your household.

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Traditional Heating Controls

As well as smart heating systems and controls, we also work with all types of central heating controls, including thermostats, central heating programmers, central heating time switches, motorised valves and thermostatic radiator valves. We also provide professional and speedy services for local councils, such as hardwiring.

Smart Heating Controls FAQ

  • What kind of smart heating systems do you work with?

    Previously we have integrated smart heating systems with home assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Nest, while also installing standalone smart heating systems such as EPH ember and Hive heating systems.

  • What is the advantage of smart heating controls?

    The advantage of smart heating controls over traditional heating controls is the ability to manually adjust and monitor different settings and statistics about your home heating network easily, without sacrificing any energy efficiency.