For excellent installation and fitting of EV chargers for your electric vehicle, contact O’Rourke Electrical

EV Charger

O’Rourke Electrical provides top-of-the-line supply and fitting services for EV Chargers. Our deployment of professional and reliable car charging systems are some of the most affordable on the market.

Our team of talented electricians are capable to install these systems smoothly and without disruption to your household.

For more information about our EV charger services, contact O’Rourke Electrical

Zappi Charger

We provide the installation of high-quality Zappi Chargers for electric vehicles. Not only does this charge your vehicle as competently as other chargers on the market. The Zappi EV Charger uses clean sustainable energy generated by renewable energy sources such as a Solar PV Panel.

All Zappi chargers come with a 3-year warranty.

If you are interested in installing a Zappi charger, contact O’Rourke Electrical today.

EV Charger SEAI Grant

If you have an electric vehicle, you may be eligible for a €600 SEAI Grant. This grant helps mitigate the cost of installing one of these professional EV charger units, and O’Rourke Electrical is prepared to offer advice in regards to securing this grant.

For assistance with applying for your SEAI Grant, contact O’Rourke Electrical

EV Chargers FAQ

  • Where can I find an EV charger for my vehicle?

    O’Rourke Electrical provides EV Chargers for vehicles in Dublin such as the Zappi Charger

  • What is the EV Charger SEAI Grant?

    The EV Charger SEAI Grant is a fund that can be applied in order to mitigate the cost of an EV Charger installation.