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Solar Panels

O’Rourke Electrical prides itself on being able to provide top-quality solar panels: one of the most popular options for sustainable energy sources. Regardless of your type of house, our talented team of electricians promise to install solar panels swiftly and maintain them if necessary.

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PV Solar Panels

A new type of solar panel is known as a photovoltaic solar panel – or PV Solar Panel. Compared to regular solar panels that convert solar radiation into heat, this panel also converts thermal energy into electricity.

We provide the same level of care and attention with all of our other heating solutions, and promise a quick turnaround for installation.

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Solar Panel Kit

O’Rourke Electrical also provides solar panel kits. This is a pack that provides you with all the equipment to install a solar panel including solar panels, panel mounts, charge controllers and more.

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Solar Panels SEAI Grant

If you are considering installing solar panels in your household, you may be eligible for a Solar Panel SEAI Grant. With this grant, you would be able to lower the cost of paying for solar panel installation.

O’Rourke Electrical gladly provides assistance to customers applying for this grant, including information that would help them fill out all necessary documentation.

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Solar Panels FAQ

  • Where can I find solar panels near me?

    O’Rourke Electrical supplies solar panels and PV solar panels to customers in the Dublin area

  • What is a PV Solar Panel?

    A Solar PV Panel is a type of solar panel that also converts thermal energy into electricity as well as converting solar radiation into heat.